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Company Priority - "Never Compromise with Quality and Hygiene". This noble principle has been moving SHYAM for Years, it prefers loss to profit - without ever compromising with the desirable quality from all points of view. This has obviously resulted in the phenomenal growth of this concern, basing on the capital "Customer-Confidence".

With its strong base in jharkhand and its growing popularity in India, Shree Shyam Udyog now aims to spread its wings to become a India Wide in the world of spices & food stuffs , Digestive , mukhwaas & Taste Enhancer.

"It's all in our DNA. At Shyam we are programmed for success." "It's an energy that inhibits us and carries our convictions –that each of us is a leader, each of us empowered with the personal responsibility of delivering on promises. This commits us to excellence in every time you interact with us. This is what launches us towards the peak experience of success in achieving potential."

Centre of Excellence

Born in the Bustee Area of the Steel City-Jamshedpur in 1998, Shree Shyam Udyog. has carved out a glorious place in the Jharkhand. With 16 years expertise in manufacturing and Importing quality spices & Food Stuffs - it has built up an image of excellence in this field and ready to compete with any food processing Industry in India both in Quality and Hygiene along with Package-having the entire ultra modern, Infrastructure, required for a food processing Industry. At Shyam, the tradition of excellence has been nurtured carefully through innovative techniques & business practices. we have refined our business to the level of art, that is nurtured with care and devotion. The apex of culinary excellence, our spices & Food Stuffs have delighted the taste-buds of Lakhs in the last Sixteen years, and we look forward to flavoring the food of Lakhs more in the years to come. Our products have been appreciated by buyers and consumers around the Jharkhand. We specialise in delivering tailor-made spices as per the requirements of our customers. We are led by a group of enterprising and dynamic individuals, committed to providing customer with the finest products and services. Their spirit of entrepreneurship has been the guiding force behind our success in the industry.


Expert Observation

Shree Shyam Udyog pursues its business operations with priority given to users in the field. We listen carefully to our customers to identify exactly what they want and expect from us. By listening first, we are able to provide the products and services that maintain the very highest levels of quality. Our business operation managed by a team of highly qualified professionals, backed by sound experience and product knowledge skill. Shyam is equipped to deliver quality product and satisfaction. All our product are carefully cleaned and hygienically packed to maintain their wholesome goodness at every stage buying , grinding, cleaning , storage, loading and dispatch a high standard of quality control is maintained. This ensure that our customers get value added products with their natural flavour, taste and aroma intact. . We enjoy the privilege of serving clients from all major markets across the Jharkhand, with our range of spices & Food Stuffs Backed by expert team, sophisticated infrastructure & extensive knowledge of market & end-consumer requirements, we are capable of manufacturing spices as per client's requirement. Our objective is to satisfy our clients & customers with consistent quality products that enable them to scale highs in their sphere of activity Along with our standard range of spices & food stuffs, we can also procure other spices that meet the specific requirements of our Jharkhand clients. We have spent well over a 16 years cultivating, processing and blending the finest spices. Our expertise in the industry is therefore a matter of tradition & honour. Our research and development efforts are aimed at keeping our expertise at the cutting-edge in the industry.

To facilitate, client's material handling procedures & packaging requirements, we offer all our products in the following packaging options:

  • Standard packing on Shyam brand name.
  • Customized labeling/packing as per customer requirement.
  • Packaging for repackaging - Bulk order packaging.
  • Preferred spice brand of consumers around Jharkhand.
  • We at Shyam have technologically superior facilities for processing and producing quality spices and spice blends.

Product Spices

Indian spices and cuisines are known all over the world for their exquisite taste, flavor , aroma and variety. Spices have formed on integral part of Indian and international cuisine for centuries, lending their wonderful taste and flavor to the food. In addition, spices are also known for their therapeutic and medicinal properties. We observe high quality standard during the grinding and packing of our product. We get the Raw Material direct from the mandi and centre. We lay special emphasis on the packaging of our product so they reach their destination in the best condition without losing their nutrition, taste, texture and aroma.

Product Focus

Keeping in mind the rich traditions and diversified cultural backgrounds. The SHYAM Brand Spices & other Food Stuffs products are shining brightly upon the firmament of Jharkhand market, because of Quality and eco-friendly packages, apart from competitive tariff. Every shelf of many kitchens in Jharkhand has SHYAM products stored for their delicious & fragrant genuine taste. Among whole, blended, ground spices & Food Stuffs produced by SHYAM Udyog, a few are mentioned below: Turmeric ( Haldi ) Powder, Chilli ( Mircha ) Powder, Coriander ( Dhania ) powder, Cumin ( Jeera ) powder, Black pepper powder (Golki ), Tarkari Masala,, Garam Masala,Amchur Powder, Souinth Powder, White Pepper Powder & other products like sooji, maida, sattu, dalia, besan, Idli Sooji, ( Arwa & Usna ) Rice Powder, Makai Atta, Singhara Atta, Fafar Atta etc.We are focused our fidelity of spices and Food Stuffs which is evaluated by the following two techniques.

  • Physical or sensory evaluation.
  • Nutritional assessment.


We market acceptable & high quality spices and Food Stuffs products. Before it reaches sales counter or the consumer we look into various factors like proper cultivator, optimum maturity at harvest, best drying and storage practices, efficient methodology of pre cleaning and improved processing techniques.

  • Better Packaging using flexible films, thermoplastic polyester (PET), and multi layered packaging
  • As a means of increasing the shelf -life of foods in general and of spices and condiments in particular, our packaging guidelines follow the Indian standard new and improved transparent plastic films, foils, laminations, high-speed film sealing machines for food, spices, and for new spices products.
  • We provide an endless variety of thermoplastic polyester (PET); co extruded, metalized and coated films of all shapes and sizes for packaging.
  • Food grade plastic (HDPE).
  • Multi-layered films of HDPE are a good material to carry spices in most hygienic condition to users.
  • The very nature of spice & food stuff products requires suitable packaging methods to ensure that spice & food stuff reach consumers in a fresh condition without any nutrient or aroma loss.
  • Packaging is of vital concern in our operations at Shyam. Attractive and reliable packaging go a long way in satisfying customers and ensuring growth in the business. We strictly adhere to all leading regulatory standards in our efforts to protect & preserve the quality of our products.
  • Aesthetic appeal combined with scientific methods are the twin criteria governing packaging at Shyam. We have consistently worked at developing innovative packaging forms for our range of products. We also have the capability to adapt our packaging to suit all needs and special requirements of our buyers.
  • Quality control measures are employed to eliminate all unwanted matter and contaminants prior to and during packaging. We use non-pollutant packaging materials for our packaging needs, and these are stored in a sterile environment away from any contamination. Our packaging operations also ensure that our products are labeled accurately as per regulatory requirements. We at Shyam have technologically superior facilities for processing and producing quality spices and spice blends.